To become a company that produces the best quality of food and beverage products


To produce high quality of food and beverage product that fulfills the needs from national and international market.


To value grace and equality in managing the Company


The company was established in Jakarta – Indonesia as an Individual Company in April 1942.

Afterward, the Company’s name which was stated as an Individual Company was changed into a Firma PIDO Company in January 1943.

In January 1947, the Company’s name was changed again into “Firma PIDO Trading Company”

In 1959, the name of Firma PIDO Trading Company was refined into “PT. PIDO TRADING OMPANY Ltd”. The Company then expanded its business by engaging in trading, distribution and industry. Apart from producing foods product locally, the Company also import foods product to be traded and distributed throughout Indonesia, from Banda Aceh to Ambon and Tual.

Since March 1951, the Company has been producing food and beverage products with different type of packaging namely cans, bottles and plastics to be distributed throughout Indonesia.

Since 1979, PT. Pido Trading Company Ltd ownership switched through the acquisition of all shares and assets including the employees by the family of Drs. Yockie M. Hutagalung MM.